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  Coed - 7 & 3
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  Coed - 7 & 3
  Coed - B
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  Coed - C - N
  Coed - D - A
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  Coed - E - A
  Coed - E - N
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  Welcome to our website.  
  The Lynn's Softball League is an adult softball league located in Albany, NY.  
  The league offers several divisions of play:  
  • Coed - Slow-Pitch - 7 & 3
  • Coed - Slow-Pitch - B
  • Coed - Slow-Pitch - C
  • Coed - Slow-Pitch - D
  • Coed - Slow-Pitch - E
  • Mens - Modified "B"
  The league offers many attractive features:  
  • Regular Season (May thru July) - 14 games
  • Playoffs (August)- All Best-of-3 series
  • Games played at over 15 locations, including several with lights.
  • Teams are allowed input on all League decisions.
  • Teams are allowed input into scheduling preferences...particular days / particular times.
  • 1 Umpire per game.
  • Game Times: 6:00 / 6:15 / 6:30 / 7:30 / 8:00 / 9:00
  • Website with scores and standings that are updated daily.
  • FREE advertising for team sponsors on Sponsors page.
  • Rainouts re-scheduled with a minimum of 1 weeks notice.
  • League has $2M Liability Insurance policy.

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  Please take your time and explore the many features of this site, and check back often, as it will continually be updated with new information and features. Also notice that most of the graphics and icons on this site will link you to other websites or other sections of our site. For example, the graphics on the left will connect you with the National ASA website, the New York State ASA website, and to the Weather Channel website for current weather conditions in Albany.  
  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments by accessing the Contact Us page at left. All inquiries will receive a prompt response.  

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